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  • Mascara is not recommended with your lashes, but if you must, use water based mascara on bottom lashes only. NO waterproof!

  • Avoid oil based products around the eye area including: eyeliners, shadow primers, face creams, and/or cream based cleansers.  This will break down the lash adhesive and have you needing lash fills more frequently.

  • Avoid saunas and long hot, steamy showers.  Believe it or not, cold water is better for your skin and hair, including your lashes!

  • No tinting or perming of eyelash extensions.  This means no lash curlers either, but you won't need it.

  • Avoid eye drops.  If you use drops regularly please let your lash artist know.

  • No pulling or rubbing those lashes!  If you're a picker, lashes might not be for you.  Your lash extensions should not hurt, itch, or bother you in any way.  If they do, contact us so we can determine what the issue is.

CLEAN your lashes daily!  This will prevent build up of makeup and natural oils which will help with your lash retention.  This also helps prevent lash mites from over-producing.  Gross, right?! 

P R O D U C T     R E C O M M E N D A T I O N S

  • LASH BATH:  A foaming soap specifically made for cleaning Lash Extensions. We offer both full size and travel size.

  • OIL FREE MAKEUP WIPES: Break Up With Your Makeup are lash artist approved wipes to help carefully remove dirt and makeup from your face without interfering with your lashes.

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